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My Beautiful Winter Tunes

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The Roller by Beady Eye
Lying by Martina Topley-Bird


Martina Topley-Bird

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Beautiful Martina. I admire her. she is the most inspiring woman for me. I Love her Style and Voice.

 love this video. It’s very Wang Kar Wei.

“Carnies’ is about how intoxicating it is as a kid to go the fair and go on the rides. You get the horrors and feel out of control, and there’s a real sense of danger. At the same time, the central lyric is “Say what you want/ Life’s too good to be true’’. It’s bittersweet. The song is saying either you’ll come home or you won’t. I’ll always come home, I hope.’’

“For me, music is about accessing thoughts and emotions that lie below the surface” she explains. “I’m interested in using music as a way of exploring the emotional layers in life.”

beautiful voice

Amazing Cover! I think better than the original by the stranglers

love this pic.;-)

interview with Love it Love it Love it

Wow… D is so HOT in this video !!!! oh yes.